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Inspired Japanese Fusion. Honest Ingredients.

Fried to Perfection.

 Thank you for taking the time to check us out.  We've passed simplicity and entered into delicious, we know you'll feel the same.  Seattle is our home and as such we couldn't create just a normal burger joint.  Lucky for you, you’ll never have to deal with another season and serve kind of place again.  Japanese fusion with Katsu means hand-formed, miso seasoned, Japanese breaded, American sized, and American fried goodness.  Take a bite, crunch into the golden brown crisp, and experience real tenderness.  That's Katsu.  The love, and work behind the scenes.  That's the Katsu team.  You'll find the items on our menu deliver the taste of Japan, with the restaurant roots of Seattle.  Let your taste buds travel, come in today.

The passion of our restaurant stems from our desire to deliver quality ingredients.  The beef patties we produce are created with the highest quality 100% natural beef, and our non-GMO chicken or pork patties are made to the same standard of health consciousness.  We serve organic tofu made with an eggless tempura batter, and we create fresh sauces each day all the way to the mayo on your burger.  We never sacrifice quality, especially when it comes to taste.  Taste of Japan, the chill of Seattle, the freshness of Katsu.  Come try us out!


Honest Ingredients

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